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Discover your next horizon

"The work we did really opened my eyes and my soul"

Discovery days are in-person deep-dive sessions, exploring whatever quest or question you have about you, your magic, and/or your mission.

Whether you’re a coach, healer, creative, entrepreneur, or leader - if you want to know yourself, grow yourself, and bring your full mojo to the world -  you’re in the right place.

Discovery days are held in person at Showborough House, Gloucestershire. 

Available as a one-day immersive session (10am-3:30pm), or as a mini-retreat with an overnight stay. 

£450 as a day, £520 with an overnight the evening before. 

There are two Discovery Day/mini-retreats available a month. Usually Fridays, but some Saturdays and weekdays are also available. 

If you are interested in a Discovery Day click here to get in touch.  

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We can create whatever kind of day you want, exploring whatever’s important to you and working towards whatever outcome or evolution you feel serves you. 

If you'd like some inspiration, here are some example 'day-flavours'. 



A Supervision MOT for you & your mission


Expand your thinking, vision, energy, depth, and discover your next horizon



Breathe, reflect, and come home to yourself


'Magic sessions' (energy work) with time and space for coaching & supervision support, and just 'being'

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• You’re on a mission to discover or expand something, be it yourself, your magic, an aspect of your work …. or a blend of all three.​

• You love the idea of getting offline and out of your life for a fresh perspective.

• You want the option of working out of the box in new, creative, pattern-disrupting, inspiring ways. 

• You want a space where you can be all of yourself… serious to silly, light to dark, sacred to profane, stuck to inspired as f*ck. 

• You feel called to work at a deep, intimate, heart & soul-connecting level. Sharing, exploring, celebrating and expanding all of who you are, and probably having a lot of fun in the process. 

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Led by our instincts, curiosities and intuitions, we work bespokely with whatever you’re bringing.

There’s no set process but a playground of possibilities for you to go and flow wherever you’re drawn as we explore your questions and quest.

From conversations in any of the available spaces that inspire you, to using archetype cards, to painting feelings, to breaking into song, to letting ideas rip on satisfyingly giant post-its, to taking inspiration from nature and the stunning gardens...

... it's a free-roam self-discovery playground for mind, body, and spirit.

(see video below)

All expertly and exquisitely held so you can go deeply into yourself and leave with whatever you came for... answers, insights, transformation…

and more ... of you.  

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• 10am: Arriving, settling & checking in, tuning into each other, setting intentions & any desired outcomes for the day,

• 10:30: 2hr exploratory session (breaks as and when needed)

• 12:30: Lunch (provided, or feel free to bring your own)

• 1:30: 1.5 hrs continued exploration

• 3:00: Harvesting learnings and takeaways, winding down, checking out, closing the day.

• 3:30: Session finishes. Goodbyes.

(Timings for lunch may run slightly earlier or later depending on how the day is flowing)

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Arrive the evening before, and start to unwind and be held in the warm welcoming arms of the house, grounds, and your own space lovingly prepared by me. 

Showborough House was made for B&B, and there's plenty of room. As a guest you'd have your own room with ensuite, and your own lounge & breakfast room with stunning views, fireplace, TV, books, mini kitchen - the works! 

By foot, there's nothing much nearby other than horses, sheep, and llamas (yes!), but the grounds themselves are a 7-acre wonderland. And you have the most important ingredient of all, yourself, and time and space to start to reflect and settle in for your session the next day.   

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Discovery days are held at Showborough House Sculpture Gardens, where I'm lucky enough to live. May and June the gardens are open to the public and filled with over 200 sculptures from nearly 100 artists. The rest of the year the gardens are still structurally stunning with much to explore and marvel at. Inside the house amazing spaces both massive and cosy await...

A great place to be inspired all year round. 

(There is noise from nearby roads at varying volumes depending on the wind, not audible in the pictures lol. Most are so struck by the visuals and vibe they don't notice or care).


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"I feel like another piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my completeness has been achieved... "

Claire Snowdon-Darling - Hormone & Menopause coach, Presenter, Lecturer, Columnist 

"The work we did really opened my eyes and my soul"

 Robert Stephenson - Creative Director Fan the Flames Ltd, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Supervisor

Video testimonials below

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"It was so enriching for so many reasons...

It was a chance to step back and step out of everyday life… a chance to really reset personally, to reflect, review, recharge, revitalise

Todd created an energy space felt safe and very inviting and helped me tune in and connect to myself and listen to the messages, thoughts, ideas and reflections within me that I hadn’t yet heard or acknowledged.

During the day we had music, we had poetry, we had colours, crafts, all sorts of really interesting tools which as whole really bathed my soul in a way that was very lifting.

I think sometimes we don't realise the type of restoration that we need until we've gotten it. I almost struggle to find the words to be fair about just how restorative the day was.

It was really quite unlike anything I'd experienced before.

It’s really quite special and I think we all deserve a bit of that special connected nourishing magical time especially after the last couple of years that we've had. Highly recommended". 

Alison Sinclair - Coach & Educator at Live Your Truth Coaching

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Showborough House is located on the outskirts of the village of Twyning, just over 3 miles north of Tewkesbury. ​​

By car:

The most accurate way to get here or find out how long it takes, is to pop 'Showborough House Sculpture Garden' into google maps. 

Approximate driving times from example locations: central London approx. 2.5 hours; Bristol approx. 1 hour; Oxford approx. 1.5 hours; Birmingham approx. 1 hour; Cardiff approx. 2 hours 

By train:

The nearest rail stations are Pershore and Ashchurch for Tewkesbury. I'm happy to pick you up, or if you'd rather taxis take around 15 minutes. 

For those coming from London, Pershore has a direct line from Paddington, no changes. Woo! 

• Rail travel times to Pershore station: Paddington to Pershore direct 1hr 50mins; Oxford approx. 1 hour; Birmingham approx. 1 hour

• Rail travel times to Ashchurch station:

Bristol approx 1 hour; Cardiff from 1.5 hrs; Birmingham approx. 1 hour

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