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A 6-month journey for heart & soul-led practitioners who want to explore and develop their unique energy work and magic


The Magical Mystery Tour is an intimate space for up to 4 magic-minded practitioners to gather for 2 and a half hours once a month, in a held, facilitated, expansive, and safe container.

Why Magical?

 Because this is a space for practitioners who work with energy and magic to start or continue to develop their unique magic and mojo.

Why Mystery?

 Because what will unfold isn’t prescribed, but rather an organic unravelling that will arise and develop based on the unique alchemy and needs of the group.

And because you’re invited (by me and by the Universe!) into curiosity, surrender, humility, and mystery, as we open to spirit and to the unique magic that wants to come though us – individually and collectively.

Why Tour?

 Because we’ll be travelling through the depths and breadths of our hearts, minds, souls and magic, and because this word completes the vibe and Beatles song-title!

We’ll learn, grow, laugh, cry, evolve, be supported, be challenged, be amazed, be held, be nourished by each other, be awesome, and spread our magical wings as far as they’re ready to be spread. Together! : )


6 x 2.5hr monthly sessions for £595 total.

= 15 hours at (approx) £40 per hour

£95 deposit to secure your place, with the balance of £500 due (payment plans available) once there are enough sign-ups to ‘activate’ the group, which is 4. 


Last Monday of the month(ish!) 10am – 12:30pm

1. January 29th

2. February 26th

3. March 25th

4. April 22nd

5. May 27th

6. June 24th


What kinds of things might we be doing?

One of the unique elements of this group (compared with the Soulful Supervision Circle), is the opportunity to (continue to) discover and practice your energy work, with magical mentoring and group feedback as you do.

Sessions could also include:

 • Elements of group coaching/supervision, such as supporting each other through challenges related to practitioner growth.

 • Explorations around joint themes of interest e.g how to integrate your energy work into current practice.

 • Group healing, clearing, magical attunements or channelled messages that come through me (or others?) for the benefit of the group.

 • Explorations into aspects of self that are limiting your mojo e.g shadow work (denied light or dark aspects).

 • Radical permission to be your whole self, from sweet and light to deep, dark and depraved.

 • Being seen and witnessed (including on an energetic and spiritual level).

And much more and who knows what! Let’s find out! ….

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Similar Missions, Different Modalities

This is a space for a diverse range of

practitioners, from all kinds of backgrounds and modalities from coaching to Tantra to Breathwork to Conscious Kink. The unifying element will be that we're all also working with energy in some way. 

On top of that, we all hold space, work with presence, and have a positive intention to transform, alchemise, or serve in some way. We all have our own 'stuff', our own struggles, our own evolving style, our own magic.

The vision here is that we can learn from and be inspired by each other in the slightly different ways we come to our work, and in the ways we support each other in this circle.


What do you mean by energy work and magic?

It could be said that any kind of practitioner works with energy in some way, as common practitioner parlance points to when we talk about being 'tuned-in' or 'sensing'. 

By energy work and magic, I mean the more explicit and detailed sensing of the unseen. Of literally being able to in some way feel 'energy', and perhaps beyond that, a capacity to communicate with, channel, move, alchemise or in some way work with that energy. 

And that could be energy in a person's physical body, energy body, soul, past lives, or the energy of planets, or elementals, or.... who knows! The Universe is full of energy and like radio-waves, it's amazing what we each have the capacity to tune into. 

Having worked with many magical practitioners/energy workers over the years, I've found that it's a bit like the X-men in that everyone has their unique 'powers' and magical-make up. Want to discover/tune-up/practice yours?

Image by Javardh

This is a space for...


















And more..



If you are interested in exploring whether I'm the right practitioner for you then I'd love to hear from you. I offer a free 45-minute phone/Zoom consultation where we can talk in a bit more depth, and explore the possibility of working together.

Fill in the form, or email me directly on:

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