Plenty of my sogs ended up in plenty of places, from TV series to films. I think the 'syncs' that gave me the most satisfaction were the songs I wrote especially for picture, like these adverts. I had assumed that writing songs to brief like this would be limiting and boring, but I actually found it a really fun creative challenge, especially as the creative teams usually asked for the song to be written and recorded by the next day.

For the Mobil/Formulae 1 advert (see video below), by the time I had written the song it was too late to record vocals in the block of flats I was living in, so I recorded all the vocals on my laptop in the car, and then sent if off the next day. It was the first advert I ever got. I've included the Persil advert (also below) because my partner sang on it with me. I originally asked a trained singer to do it, but realised it actually needed a kind of cute folksy simple style that comes from not being able to sing that well, so I asked my partner who is not a singer. I think she did great! And that advert was one of the most played TV adverts that summer, back when people actually watched TV! 



Somewhere along the way in my musical journey, taking-credit became important me (…to my ego!), and I was very much for doing as much on my own as possible. Eventually I evolved out of what I now perceive as a limitation, and embraced the wonder, joy and uniqueness that can come out of collaboration.

Hot Collars was one of my favourite projects to collaborate on. I did all the music, production and recording, and P.C did the vocals. Not many people got into that band, but I still think the songs are great and authentic versions of themselves. What more could a song – or a person – want to be!