• Todd Roache

“How cool I get to be this in love with you” ...

… a morning musical celebration of how much I love my coaching/supervision work right now.

...With additional sentiments of “I’m going to ‘allow’ this much joy in and not slam the breaks on it (“too good to be true” etc) … because - as I so poetically say at the end of the video - “I’ve been miserable for fucking decades … I'll take a bit of happiness thank you very much”.

Thank you to my client (whose email inspired this), for pre-approving this videos release into the world.

(And re the song - incase it's not obvious - this isn't me celebrating in a “yay yay everyone’s miserable yay yay my clients are struggling and need help”, it's more the celebration around a mutual touching of core. Because in a client coming to me and saying that they really want to unleash something deep in their core - what that does to me is it touches the equivalent parts in me. Because deep in my core is what feels like almost a spiritual purpose of helping people do that exact thing.

So zooming back to that level, this is also a celebration of that mutual journey into - and living from - ones deepest truest depths. Perhaps a lyrical re-write of the chorus is therefore needed … “how cool that we get to journey together from a mutually deep place whilst in service to your growth and development woo hoo woo hoo” … hmmm, maybe too many syllables for the melody lol ….)

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