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If you’ve got the Lockdown blues ... this songs for you ...

... a musical musing I wrote after I woke up from a nap today (thus the croaky voice and looking like sh!t). Again I wonder why post this - but I think the answer is revealed in the lyrics. Maybe someone out there needs to hear it in these crazy Pandemic f**ked up locked down times ...

I miss the world

I miss my friends

I miss the parks and hanging out till summer ends

I miss the hugs

I miss the touch

I miss the crowds

F**k I miss it all so much

And if you miss it too

Wave along this song’s for you

And if you’re hurting too

Hang in there we’ll make through

We’re not the only ones

To be the lonely ones

We’re not the only hearts

Getting pulled apart

So if you’re hurting too

Hang in there this song’s for you

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