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Reflecting after coaching sessions: time lost, or coaching competency gained?

If you’re a coach who values reflection time after each client - but have noticed another part of you complaining about the time it takes (eg “how am I ever going to get to xxx coaching hours if I can’t back-to-back clients because I want/value so much reflection time after each session?!!!”) - then this (swearing filled) video ditty is for you. (Or ignore the video silliness, and read on!).

I have a post-session reflection form I work through after every session, and yes that refection takes time – but it’s time well spent. (I don’t always spend an hour reflecting as mentioned in this video, but I do regularly spend half an hour or so).

For me it means I don’t get caught in a loop coaching the same 1 hour for hundreds of hours, without having learnt from each session along the way. Reflecting after each session keeps me growing and refining my coaching skills and approach.

And personally I also find – having ‘tuned in’ to the client in the session – that a period of post-session reflection gives me time to ‘tune back out’ of them. It cleans my slate as it were, for the next client. And also as a result I don’t ‘carry clients with me’ across my day, in the way I have heard other coaches lamenting.

So yes. Yay reflection.

And if what that ‘costs’ me is time – then that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Because it’s not infact about something spent or lost (i.e time) – it’s about something *gained*: for me that's increased coaching competency, self-awareness, and clarity - all for the benefit of my next client sessions. And for my own satisfaction and well-being as a coach : )

So over to you to reflect on how you reflect!

And if you're interested in some 1-1 Supervision space to reflect on your practice - find out more about what that might look like here: Wishing you a great day!

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