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Same book + different you = new learning (potentially!)

One of the things I love about training at Animas Centre for Coaching, is the opportunity to revisit over and over super cool super valuable coaching content.

As I start to prepare for delivering the upcoming training, I could say – hey, I know this stuff, I‘ve already read this recommended reading, I already know all I need to know.

But actually, I love to use the delivery of the trainings as an opportunity to enrich my own learning and understanding. I love to read through new offshoots of the material – but also – the same material! Because I’m not the same coach/person who delivered it last time. And I am open to my slightly different perspective as the ‘me of this month/day/ moment’ - revealing new depths and insights in the material that didn’t reach out to me on previous visitations.

And for me as a learning geek, growth mindset junkie, and fan of coaching – I think that’s pretty freakin’ awesome!

So what ‘new’ learning or extra depth of understanding might be awaiting you within the pages/pixels of that already looked at/’learnt’ content …?

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