• Todd Roache

The Secret Sauce: Embracing your full self for fully empowered action

That bit of you You keep hidden Because you think It's too f*cked up Too taboo

Hidden from yourself even Not 'in play' You might say

What if that was the secret sauce?

All those hopes and dreams and schemes Half dying in your office drawers What if they just need that little spice ...

That little something more

Maybe it's just one percent But still - like a drop of dye in water It changes the hue It makes you more ... You

You say you're doing all you can Every little thing But if you're not 'all of you' Then who is doing the doing And is it the fullest 'doing' you have yet to bring

I'm not saying run down the streets Shouting it out loud (It is a 'secret' sauce afterall) But what if you let it into your bloodstream Accepted it Let it take its place ...

Maybe then that 'dream'

Wouldn't be a dream at all

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