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A bespoke journey into you, your magic, and your mission...

Deep work for practitioners who want to
know themselves, grow themselves, and share their full magic with the world.

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• Explore your depths

• Open your mind

• Touch your spirit

• Embrace your parts

• Own your power

and more....

Image by Prateek Gautam


• Feel it
• Explore it
• Nourish it
• Expand it
• Embody it
• Trust it
• Use it


• Feel your purpose

• Share your gifts

• Evolve your work

• Bring your projects to life

• Serve your clients powerfully

and more....

Image by jasper benning
Sessions: Services

"You're so good at meeting me where I'm at AND taking me to the next level.

​Every minute I spend with you in a session is just so valuable for me, for my work, for what I'm about"

Isik Tlabar, Empowerment Coach

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£175 X 6 sessions

Totaling £1050.

(Payable in installments)

Which container is right for you?...

• 3-month journey (bi-weekly sessions)

• 6-month journey (monthly sessions)

Option to review and continue if it feels right to both of us, or stop short if you don’t feel the sessions are working for you (with a full refund for remaining sessions).

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"To describe the depth of change I have experienced in the sessions I’ve had is almost impossible in words. 

Todd could meet me on every level, creating a magical container for all of what I am and what I hold. Darkness, shadows, power, creation, love, universal connection. It was a journey of limitless discovery…"

P.G - Practitioner Alchemy client

Sessions: Text
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