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Coaching and supervision tend to lean on language and conversation as the medium for exploration and expression ...  but what new insights or inspiration might be possible if you accessed different parts of your mind and heart and got - Sparked by Art! 

What: A Supervision session beta-test: how might reflection around you as a coach/your clients/your practice be enriched if we move beyond the conventional use of words (and Zoom!) and use the art and garden space to inspire the inquiries!

(what is ‘Supervision?’)

In terms of what to ‘bring to the session’, my current feelings are that a broad introspective inquiry (e.g around finding yourself as a coach/your emerging style) or a relational one (e.g with a client or clients) - might suit this more than a specific technical consideration (e.g ICF ethics or the nitty gritty of contracting). Although I’m open minded and trusting of your own intuition on how you might use the space. I’m also open to you not knowing what to bring and letting the topic emerge as you walk the garden.

When: I’m offering 2 free* session slots on Monday 21st June. Each up to 3 hours.

  • 9:30am – 12:30pm

  • 1:30pm – 4:30pm .. update: 'SOLD' - unavailable

That includes time for you to walk around the garden and spend time with the art and see what’s speaking to you, and for me to then join you in reflection around the sculpture or sculptures that are resonating with you and the challenge or theme you’re exploring. I’d rather you/we had spacious time to reflect and enjoy the experience, than you have to race around the garden sculptures and us have to rush our session … so maybe we won’t use all 3 hours, but it’s there if we need it.

The exhibition is actually closed to the public on this day, which means we’d have the 5 acres and over 150 sculptures all to ourselves!  

Where: Showborough House Sculpture Garden.

 Gloucestershire, GL20 6DN.  You can find it on Google Maps. Local train stations and accommodation available if desired (more details on request). If it rains, apart from the umbrella option, there is an indoor gallery and multiple undercover spaces all with plenty of room for social distancing as desired.  

Free?: Free in monetary terms, but an agreement to fill in a feedback form to help shape the event in the future, and to contribute to research around supervision for coaches. The form won’t be a 5 minute thing, and may take up to 30 mins to complete.

In conclusion: If that looks like something you might be interested in, get in touch  and we can have a quick Zoom chat about it.

If you get in touch and the spaces are already filled, apologies about that, but there will be more experimental sessions coming soon …infact feel free to ask me about Nourished by Nature and Moved by Music -  other Supervision sessions I’ll be offering free beta-testing on in the coming months. 

If you'd like to be kept informed of other Supervision offerings, you can join the mailing list here. 

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