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"No session I receive, no container I go into, does and gives and shifts what our sessions do in me. Nothing comes close. The magic that comes through you is fucking amazing… it’s just fucking amazing. I’m just mind-blown by it"

Isik Tlabar - Empowerment Coach


"The work we did opened my eyes and my soul"

Robert Stephenson - Fan the Flames Coaching

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"Todd has a massive heart, his energy is so heartwarming and the way he holds the space for your consciousness to expand is magical.

Working with Todd as my supervisor and coach felt like the best gift I gave myself...our sessions were just a savior to my sanity and gave me hope and confidence to carry on and trust myself more. I cannot recommend him more..."

Bahar Boostani - Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga


"I found, what I'd go as far as to call, a sacred place that became the container for very special conversations... a space where I felt truly able to be myself.

Todd was an amazing dancing partner, willing to go where I wanted, ready to stay flexible in his/our approach, and able to tap into those parts of me that leads to expansive and higher thinking

Todd's ability to, likewise, tap into his own feelings and experiences, alongside me, was humbling to watch and inspiring to experience. If you get a chance to work with Todd, you should probably go ahead and lock that shit in!"

Teri Kansted - Psychotherapist & Psychology coach


"Todd has a brilliant coaching style that is engaging, encouraging and focussed. He is inquisitive yet empathic, and has a deep emotional intelligence that can reveal insights from sometimes very subtle cues.

His experience in working with people and helping navigate their complexities shines through, and his level of authenticity in this is inspiring. Todd's level of insight makes for a safe and unique space where progress feels possible and limitless."

Tom Marron - Coach


"Todd has a rare gift as a coach. He is able to create a space in which everything is welcome, even the dark grubby stuff we often try to hide from ourselves and the outside world. I’ve never met a coach that is able to bring a combination of lightness and depth at the same time.

I recommend Todd wholeheartedly".

Laura Knowles - Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Coach

"To describe the depth of change I have experienced in the 10 sessions I’ve had is almost impossible in words. Todd and I worked in ways that defy convention. He was able to sense into parts of myself that were hidden even to me.

Todd could meet me on every level, creating a magical container for all of what I am and what I hold. Darkness, shadows, power, creation, love, universal connection. It was a journey of limitless discovery…"

P.G - Coach &  Consultant

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