"Whenever we speak, magic happens"

Leora Lightwoman, CEO Diamond Light Tantra

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If you want to ...

  • Clear your sh!t

  • Recharge your spirit

  • Stand in your power

  • Supercharge your creativity

  • Face & embrace your shadow

  • Dance your boldest truth

  • Surrender to flow or shoot for the stars...

Then maybe I can help….





You have untold wisdom and creative genius inside you that, given the right conditions, can blossom and transform you and your life.

A powerful and trusting coaching partnership provides those conditions.

 A warm, supportive, and non-judgmental space for you to go as deep as you are ready to go into the core of what really matters to you. Fully focused on you, I listen, collaborate, and help you release the solutions, epiphanies and pathways you already have hidden inside you.


explore • grow • release • rejoice • cry • laugh


clarity • inspiration • acceleration • passion • empowerment  

Get in touch to discuss what you're interested in exploring. 

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Transformational Collaboration allows us to expand beyond the realms of coaching to include other tools and resources that serve your development and growth. 

A bespoke blend of ...

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Supervision

  • Intuitive Consulting

  • Energy work

Get in touch to discuss what you're interested in exploring. 


“That was incredible. I feel different and so much more like me. What you do is f**king amazing, thank you for sharing it with me and being you”.

Isik Tlabar Transformational Coach and Workshop Leader



Bigness: You are never 'too much' here. I am very experienced at holding big energies, whether that's big personalities, big dreams, powerful practitioners, or powerful emotions like elation, anger or grief. 

Tears are welcome: You are warmly invited to bring all of your feelings and emotions to our sessions. No holding back required. Coaching is more about moving forward than dwelling on the past, but oftentimes part of that moving forward involves a release of emotions that may be blocking the road ahead, or that just need a safe space to be acknowledged and honoured. 

Spirit: Your spiritual nature and inclinations will feel very at home. As well as being a coach, I am an energy healer, amongst other things. As I like to say with a smile – “I speak hippy” : ) 

Shadow exploration and deep acceptance: Any parts of you that you keep hidden will find love and acceptance in our sessions. I have come to love, accept and even see the value in my dark side. As my dark side grows, so too does my heart. As Carl Jung says, you can’t truly accept someone else until you have accepted yourself. 

Sex-positive and kink-friendly: All genders, sexual preferences and orientations are welcome here. This is a safe space to bring all of who you are. I have many years of personal and professional exploration and experience in this area.

Creativity: As a musician/songwriter who needs music like most people need air, I welcome artists and creative lunatics of all kinds : )




One hour to explore whatever you wish to bring to a session, be it a particular challenge, goal, or desired outcome, or an abstract feeling or sense of something that you want to unravel.



 A great container for when you

want to go deep, or you have a lot of stuff you want to work on. 90 minutes gives us plenty of room to explore, and also creates space for the movement of energy, emotion, and spirit. 

£990/ 3 x £330



  • 2 x 90 minute sessions per month

  • 1 x half hr espresso coaching catch up per month 

  • Whatsapp message support 

This 3 month package is an alchemical container where I will be holding space for you for the duration, fully committed to you and your journey. A deep dive into you, your life, and whatever it is you want to work on.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation 



If you are interested in exploring whether I am the right coach or facilitator for you then get in touch. I offer a free phone/Zoom consultation where we can talk in a bit more depth, and explore the possibility of working together.

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