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"Whenever we speak, magic happens"

Leora Lightwoman, CEO Diamond Light Tantra (client)

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You’re a heart & soul-led practitioner standing in your full power: clear on your mission, aligned, bringing your full magic, and loving your work… and yourself!

This is how you'd love things to be, and it may already be where you're at a lot of the time. But life isn't always straightforward, and staying in the zone isn't always easy. The work can be demanding, your ‘stuff’ can make the path seem less clear at times, and things can fall out of alignment (that's just human!). And even when things are going great, you’re always hungry to keep growing, learning and deepening yourself and your work.

IT'S TIME: You help others… but who helps you?

You give your all to support others, and now you’re ready to give yourself the support you need so you can keep evolving and bringing your full magic to your clients and your mission.

Consciously. Consistently. Confidently.


Ideally you want a wing-person who can hold deep space for heart, spirit, magic, shadow, expanded consciousness - AND –someone who is trained, reassuringly certified, and grounded in helping you flourish as a practitioner in a modern world.

Support that can hold your wholeness, your light and your dark, your tears and your laughter, your divinity… and your glorious flawed messy humanity.

Room for ALL of you to grow and flow.

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I'm Todd, and I help practitioners bring their full magic to the world with a custom blend of conscious coaching, soulful supervision, and deep energy work. My clients include coaches, breathworkers, tantra teachers, energy workers, sex therapists, yoga teachers, kinesiologists, and more...

This is what I was born and trained to do. And in my sensing of it, have been doing for lifetimes!

If you feel you might be in the right place, I invite you to take a look around...

And if you feel called, get in touch and let me know a bit about where you’re at and what’s resonating for you here. If it feels right to us we can connect for 45minutes over Zoom and see if we might make a good team : )

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"No session I receive, no container I go into, does and gives and shifts what our sessions do in me. Nothing comes close. The magic that comes through you is fucking amazing… it’s just fucking amazing. I’m just mind-blown by it"

Isik Tlabar, Transformational Coach and Workshop Leader (client)

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If you want to keep topped up with nourishment and inspiration for yourself, your magic and your mission + occasional info on awesome offerings - please sign up below to receive your Magical Muse-Letter.

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A flame inside you

Is ready to expand


Yet it needs a safe space


To find itself

Feel itself

And fill itself


With grace


With knowing

With nurture

With consciousness


That ignites

And alchemises


New edges

New awareness

New breathes


…into being.


A space for your soul to roam

Its deepest darkest depths

And it’s highest sweetest heights


To stretch

And die


Then fly


And birth itself anew


You want to go there

You’re dying to meet yourself

And share your power

With the world


You’re looking for someone to help you... 


And that's what I was born to do...


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If you are interested in exploring whether I'm the right practitioner for you then I'd love to hear from you. I offer a free 45-minute phone/Zoom consultation where we can talk in a bit more depth, and explore the possibility of working together.

Fill in the form, or email me directly on:

Thanks for submitting!

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