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💛 Rich💛 as fuck…

Whatever is in my bank account right now…

I am rich as fuck.

Rich with wonderment at the new energetic-magical-spiritual-sensual horizons that continue to open up to me.

Rich with exquisite sensitivity in body, in emotion, in connection to others, in the mysterious way flesh can flourish into spirit and magic.

Rich in disbelief that whenever I think I’ve seen or felt it all, there is always more.

Rich with humility that this little person known as Todd is so small in comprehension as to the magnitude and complexity and hidden veils of an infinite universe.

Rich with love for my beloved, for other people in my life, for myself. For life itself.

Rich with love that feels like life force itself beating in my very heart and veins.

Rich with sensual energy that surges through me, a dance of divinity connecting me to everything.

Rich with all the time I’ve been thinking I haven’t got, time to continue to explore and experience and delight, and at times I’m sure despair -  and that’s okay too.

Rich with gratitude for something inside me that has had the courage to say fuck it. That’s increasingly willing to risk it all and feel it all and continue to lose attachment to how that works out for me.

Rich with presence, so full of it that “there is only now,” aren’t just words on an Eckhart Tolle meme, but absolutely palpable truth living through me this very moment.

Rich with yet more gratitude for all this, as tears well up in my eyes.

So yes…

Whatever is in my bank account right now…

In these ways,

I am truly


as fuck.



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