As a supervisor I support you to create the best outcomes you can for your clients, whilst enjoying a fulfilling, emotionally sustainable and professional grade coaching practice that is uniquely yours.


Supervision is a safe, collaborative and reflective space for you to bring attention to yourself, your practice, your clients, and the systems in which the work takes place.

For those of you familiar with coaching as a process, supervision in contrast focuses specifically around your professional practice and your clients, and adds additional layers of support that extend into the safeguarding of ethics and industry standards as well as attendance to your emotional well being, and much more ….


Supervision can help you:

As a person:

In coaching – you are your instrument. Your clients get the best from you when you’re tuned up, unencumbered, and able to give them your full presence without being entangled in your own stuff. Clients aside, you have the right to enjoy life as a happy, positive and confident coach. In support of that, Supervision gives you the space to:

  • Process and release emotions built up through practice - express and decompress

  • Work through anything that’s blocking your coaching flow

  • Celebrate and appreciate your coaching wins and general awesomeness

As a coach:

  • Get support with challenging clients

  • Develop your unique coaching style

  • Expand your coaching toolkit and theoretical knowledge

  • Brainstorm client interventions and find new ways forward

As an industry professional:

Focused on quality and professionalism, safety and standards.

  • Maintain professional standards

  • Tackle ethical 'dilemmas' and develop your ethical maturity 

  • Develop your approach to contracting



• 90 minute sessions at the discounted price of £60 per session
• All sessions to be undertaken by end June 2021
• Virtual sessions online via Zoom

Having recently qualified as a Supervisor with the International Centre for Coaching Supervision,( EMCC/ICF certified Diploma in Coaching Supervision) I'm building my skills and experience and for a limited time offering supervision at a discounted rate!

If you'd like to support your clients, yourself and your practice through the power of supervision, get in touch and book your free half hour discovery call to explore if I'm the right supervisor for you. 


"Coaching supervision is a collaborative, reflective conversation in which the supervisor and supervisee engage in an exploration of the supervisee’s work to help them grow, flourish and enjoy their work as a coach, whilst also ensuring the quality and integrity of their work for their clients, the systems they work within and the coaching profession as a whole".

International Centre for Coaching Supervision

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