"Todd has a rare gift as a coach. He is able to create a space in which everything is welcome, even the dark grubby stuff we often try to hide from ourselves and the outside world. 

He asked me insightful questions that allowed a process of unfolding and transformative realisation in me. I’ve never met a coach that is able to bring such a lightness and depth at the same time. 

I recommend Todd wholeheartedly".

Laura Knowles

*Health Practitioner, Director*

"What I love about Todd’s coaching & mentoring is his authenticity, it flows so beautifully & intuitively and feels so fluid & creative, so much nicer than a ‘text book’ approach.

As soon as we made contact Todd made me feel at total ease. He has a great nack of listening, asking insightful questions, recalling things I’ve said and helping me join the dots, which brings me so much clarity & insight.

Todd always asks permission to share offerings of insights or tools I may find useful for further development, and his offerings are always very welcome & useful. I have learnt so many additional tips ☺.

I also like Todds bravery & acceptance of himself to be mildly vulnerable which gives me permission & inspiration to allow this side of myself to flourish also, rather than shy away from it.

So much more than just your average coach! I highly recommend Todds work ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Amber Smith

*Yoga Instructor*

"Todd has a brilliant coaching style that is engaging, encouraging and focussed. He is inquisitive yet empathic, and has a deep emotional intelligence that can reveal insights from sometimes very subtle cues.

His experience in working with people and helping navigate their complexities shines through, and his level of authenticity in this is inspiring. Todd's level of insight makes for a safe and unique space where progress feels possible and limitless."

Thomas Marron

*Sales manager & trainee coach* 

“Todd is really emotionally intelligent in his coaching.

He helped me to sift through what really mattered to me and what my values are, and that helped me to make informed choices on the path ahead.

I would really recommend working with him.”

David Thomas Wright

*Spiritual and Intuitive Coach* 

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