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Congratulations! Your retreat booking is officially confirmed! It's happening, woo hooo!

On this page you'll find all you need to know about travel, food, arrivals & departures... and more. 

Plus there's one thing that needs your attention and action: an onboarding form with some practical questions to help me prepare for and customise your retreat. If you could fill it out a week before you get here at the latest, that would be much appreciated. Here's the link:

Practitioner Empowerment Retreat: Onboarding Form

Overnight Retreat info: About Me


Info for your overnight retreat...

If possible arrival from 6pm is ideal for me (and preferably pre 7pm).

When you get here I’ll warmly welcome you, show you around, and get you settled in. Then when you're comfortable and ready for your evening, I’ll retire to my part of the house and you’ll have the evening to yourself, including your own lounge, and use of the grounds.

In terms of food for that evening, please see the food section below. 

In the morning you'll have your own lounge where you can have breakfast at your leisure, explore the grounds, and generally enjoy your own retreat time before meeting in the coaching room at 10am. (I'll show you where the coaching room is when you arrive, and the door is also labelled). 

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Overnight Retreat info: Services


As the retreat approaches it may be that things start to bubble to the surface knowing that attention is soon to be given to them! That's perfectly natural, just something to be aware of as a possibility.

Equally, it can be valuable to set aside some personal reflective/integration time in the following days/week. Some clients have expressed that they wish they’d booked in some time for themselves to continue to process whatever came up, rather than diving straight back into a busy life. So I'm offering that as something for you to consider as you fill your calendar post-retreat. 

To help that integration process, as part of your Practitioner Empowerment Retreat package you get a 1hr online Integration Session in the month following. This is a chance to reflect on the experience, how it has been integrating with you and your life, and what work you might still have ahead of you for any further integration or implementation (or whatever you want to use the time for!). I will send you a link to book this closer to the time.

Overnight Retreat info: About Me


Whatever day you're arriving, if you’re driving then the only sure way to get here (and not end up on a random spot on the M5) is to put ‘Showborough Lodge’ into Google Maps and it will take you next door. (Google Maps seems to have temporarily moved Showborough House to the wrong place unfortunately).

See the pictures below for some reassuring visual cues to guide you into Showborough House, which you should come to before Showborough Lodge. Showborough Lodge is the converted stables of Showborough House, they are literally right next to each other, but with different gates. 

I will leave the Showborough House gate open, please just drive down the gravel drive and park in front of the house and ring/text to let me know you’re here. (If I forget to open the gate, ignore the ‘closed’ sign on it, and just open it/close it and then proceed down the drive).

If you text me a few mins before you get here, I'll meet you at the gate! 

If you’re coming by train the nearest rail stations are Pershore and Ashchurch for Tewkesbury.

I’m more than happy to pick you up from the station, or if you’d rather you can book a taxi. Either way it’s about a 15-minute drive. If you're up for Todd's VIP welcome wagon, then you can let me know the station and arrival time on the onboarding form which I will be sending you. There's only one platform (!) so finding you will be easy!







Overnight Retreat info: Services


• 10am: Arriving, settling & checking in, tuning into each other, setting intentions & any desired outcomes for the day,

• 10:30am: 2hr exploratory session (breaks as and when needed)

• 12:30pm: 1hr Lunch (provided, or feel free to bring your own)

• 1:30pm: 2hrs continued exploration

• 3:30pm: Harvesting learnings and takeaways, winding down, checking out, closing the day.

• 4pm: Session finishes. Goodbyes.

(Timings for lunch may run slightly earlier or later depending on how the day is flowing)

Overnight Retreat info: About Me


Food is provided, but you're welcome to bring your own as well/instead. That choice and the choices below are on the onboarding form, but I'm including some details below just to give you the lay of the land and get your taste buds contemplating options!

Food on the evening of your arrival

The fridge in your lounge will be stocked with picnic-style yumminess which you can tuck into, plus if there's a particular something you'd like (cold, microwaveable, or toasted), you can let me know on the onboarding form. 

If you feel like going on an adventure to eat out and you have come by car, there’s a lovely riverside pub a few minutes drive away:

We also have a small but surprisingly well-stocked village shop which you can drive to if you come by car, or which we can stop off at on the way back from the station: 


On the onboarding form you can choose from one of these options (or let me know of something else you’d rather):

  1. Salmon, cream cheese and bagels

  2. Granola and yoghurt

  3. Cereal (of your choice) and milk (of your choice)

  4. Croissants and (whatever you like on croissants?)


Halfway through your session day, we’ll be having lunch together (if that works for you - everything is customizable!). I normally provide a picnic spread of some kind eg salad, chips and dips, coleslaw, a soup option, some meats (chicken legs, pastrami etc). See picture below, from a previous fireside Discovery Day picnic. 

If you'd like to enjoy the spread on offer, you'll be able to specify any preferences or allergies eg vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free etc on the onboarding form, as well as anything in particular you might like to add.

Overnight Retreat info: About Me


In terms of departure time, the day 'officially' finishes at 4pm, but if you'd like we can have some time afterwards to relax with a cup of tea and let it all land before you catch your return train or drive home.

Overnight Retreat info: About Me
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We may have spoken a bit about what you’d like to get out of your retreat - and we'll be contracting around that on the morning of your day-session - but if there’s anything you want to share ahead of arriving in terms of what kind of day you want to have/what you hope to leave with/anything else, you'll have a chance to share that on the onboarding form. 

You can also share more by email or voice message as the day approaches, as increased focus and awareness may surface as the retreat draws nearer.

Overnight Retreat info: About Me

You can see more about the Retreats/Days here, including potential ways of working on the day, pictures of location & accommodation, and more! 

Overnight Retreat info: Text


Anything else you need or want to express - feel free to email me! 

I'm really looking forward to our time together.

Warmest wishes


Overnight Retreat info: About Me
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