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Feet on the grass coaching ... inviting the wild within

Picture = me on a bench on a hill in nature.... shoes off ... ahhhhhhhhhh 😌💚🌱

So nice to connect with the actual Earth.

Thought = feet in the grass coaching?

Apparently there are electromagnetic health benefits* to being barefoot on the ground, so perhaps that - and the fact it just feels goooood - might make it worth adding as part of a ‘wild coaches toolkit’... ?

For me I also think there is something about touching a more primal wild part of ourselves and our own nature ....

As we (and our clients?) take off our protective footwear and connect directly with nature, what other habitual layers might we be able to take off that might deepen our access to ourselves .... and enrich our coaching explorations?

(*here’s an article to back up the hearsay/ my personal feelings on that: )

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