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Be your own kind of coach ...

I was part of a conversation in a coaching community today, exploring how one might go about continually improving ones coaching skills.

There were a lot of great ideas, including:

  • Supervision

  • Having a coach

  • Reflective practice

  • Recording and listening back to yourself coaching

  • Listening to great coaches coach

  • Reading books

  • Keeping up with industry developments

  • Doing trainings …

... but just just reading that list is overwhelming for a lot of coaches. And that’s not even considering the probably thousands of options within each category of possible action.

Which raised the point I made, which I feel to reiterate here incase of use for a coach travelling past this blog …

For me, “continuously improving coaching skills” is also about discernment ... what of all the things on offer does one follow?

So another pondering for this pot = be your own kind of coach. Or as Mama Cass said, “play your own kind of music” ..(such a tune!)

There are so many books out there one ‘could’ read, or even think one ‘should’ read. But which books (or other things on the above list, eg coaches, supervisors, trainings etc) speak to you ... interest you ... excite you ... help you become the unique and great coach that only YOU can be!

For me there’s something inspiring and empowering about tapping into authenticity and the resources that speak to us as individual coaches ... and riding that wave where passion fuels proficiency ...

Something to ponder, perhaps whilst listening to ...

lots of love xxx

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