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An invitation to self-exploration...

“Come inside”

Whispers something within me,

“But tread gently…

With pure intention

And pristine presence,

Be open to beholding…

Beyond yourself.

There are petals in here

Aching to open

And receive your wonder.

There are dew drops

Sparkling in the light of your soul,

Each a world of their own.

There are colours with no name

Waiting to breathe a sigh of relief

As they finally understand themselves

Before the flame your witnessing.

Aspects yearning to unfurl

Under the sun of your exquisite attention,

And be carried into the world

Through the sparkle of your new found eyes…”


This mornings poem, words spilling forth as I tuned into something inside that I felt gently whispering for my attention, something ready to be witnessed, revealed and birthed into awareness and being. Now my attention has been called, I will continue to do the work and listen within…

It reminds me of some of the intimate, magical, transformational journeys I am privileged enough to go on with clients who are ready to explore their inner wonderland, and who choose me as a travelling companion. I consider such partnerships an honour, and sacred work.

Best of luck on your own inner adventures and discoveries, and if you ever need a travelling companion to help you explore and discover the edges of your own being, magic, heart and mind - feel free to reach out : )

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