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Taking a moment to celebrate the wins and good times ... my song on an advert! 🥳 ...

I’m having a 2 week ‘holiday’ and amongst other things, clearing through decades of old junk including a lot of old music stuff. I found the small bottle of champagne I bought to celebrate the first time I got bespoke music on an advert, and felt to commemorate and share said advert/music – and if of interest - the story behind it …

Back in 2013 I had already stepped away from being an ‘artist’ in the music industry, but was still known by some, including those at an advertising agency who couldn’t think of what song to put to the advert they had created for Mobil/Formula 1. Someone on the creative team knew of my band/style and thought to ask me...

It was a new challenge: yes I could write songs, but could I write one on demand with a particular theme to fit to a particular picture, and record it and send it over in 24 hours?

Initially shocked at their tiny deadline I leapt into action, and ended up recording the vocals in my car outside my London flat because by the time I got to recording them it was too late and I didn’t want to wake the neighbours.

I sent it to them the next day and they loved it. They asked for a few tweaks, and it went from being piano based to guitar based, and before long the final version was signed off on and that song/recording became the official music to that advert. It was the first advert I got, and was extremely exciting!

Nice to look back on those times and pick out the wins and smiles from all the hardships and heartaches …

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