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The work behind the work

What’s the work you need to do - to do the work you need to do?

Today I have a days coaching booked, giving employees space to have some well-being-at-work coaching support.

Am I ready to give that support?

Not yet.

I feel too much stuff stirring inside me. Too many emotions fluttering, too many thoughts whirring.

And part of me would love to push that all aside and take this time pre-work to cram in some more admin and prep for some things I’m running tomorrow.

But that wouldn’t be doing justice to me or the people I’m showing up for today.

So what’s next is intentional restorative space, for at least 30 minutes.

Time to breathe.

Time to ground.

Time to tune into myself.

Time to feel.

Time allow thoughts and feelings to have their say and be heard … by journaling, by improvising music and lyrics (I bought my guitar to this we-work space!).

Time to put my ear to the tender corner of my heart that I can feel needs my attention, hugs and support.

Then… based on previous experience … my cup will be full.

I will have have supported myself and be ready to support others.

So here I go….

Doing the work I need to do - to do the work I need do!

What helps you fill your cup and be able to show up for others?

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